Monday, August 21, 2017

I'm back?

Hi everyone!

After a 4 year long hiatus, I could potentially be back!  Lots has changed as I've since gotten married, had a kid and haven't sent a heck of a lot of TTMs out.  I decided to take a look at this again but was wondering... does anyone actually still read this blog?  Leave a comment below!



  1. Welcome back!

    I kind of forgot about your site, but definitely remember it now after reading your previous posts. I'd be interested in seeing more TTM stuff. Its always nice to see the successes other people can get.

  2. Thanks Paul! I think I'm going to start this up again, but I'm going to transfer all my previous blog posts over to a wordpress site... stay tuned!

  3. Hey first Paul, now you! Welcome back, I kept you on the blogroll just in case. Congratulations x 2.

  4. Thanks Dave! I'm looking to transfer over this blog into wordpress. It's a nice reunion, since a lot of the blogs I followed all seemed to have left.

    If you have any good hockey ttm blogs that you're following, feel free to let me know!