Sunday, July 14, 2013

Brandon Yip

scan0032 by hockeyttmDate received: May 31, 2012
Total players responses: 541
Total 2012 responses: 144

So much for trying to stay consistent with my blog posts! This here is my Brandon Yip autographed 10/11 Contenders card, which I believe I picked up back in 2012 through ebay. Brandon obviously is one of only a handful of Asians currently playing in the NHL, and will hopefully help pave the way for other ethnic groups hoping to make it to the big leagues.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Mark Scheifele

scan0030 by hockeyttmDate sent: February 29, 2012
Date received: May 31, 2012
Total time: 92 days
Total players responses: 540
Total 2012 responses: 143

Sorry for the lack of updates guys, I've been busy with other obligations, but will try and make my best effort to blog a bit more. I got this Mark Scheifele autograph, pictured with the Barrie Colts, last year, and I was super excited as this was the Jets' first round pick and first since coming back to Winnipeg. It appears as if he'll be a great player, as he's already represented his country, Team Canada. Thanks for the auto Mark!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Joe Thornton

scan0029 by hockeyttmDate sent: February 26, 2012
Date received: June 4, 2012
Total time: 99 days
Total players responses: 539
Total 2012 responses: 142

A huge return from equally as big, Joe Thornton. Joe is an all star player, who has played many years with the San Jose Sharks. I have watched him over the years, represent Canada, and he's always been a fantastic player. Unfortunately, he recently knocked out the Vancouver Canucks in a sweep. Thanks for the autograph Joe.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bobby Baun

scan0028 by hockeyttmDate sent: May 28, 2012
Date received: June 8, 2012
Total time: 11 days
Total players responses: 538
Total 2012 responses: 141

A great return from Bobby Baun, Toronto Maple Leaf Alumni. Bobby played in the 50s, 60s and 70s in the NHL and had obviously helped the Leafs win cups in 1962, 1963, 1964, and 1967. Bobby was one of the hardest, cleanest hitting players of his time. Thanks for the autograph Bobby. It looks fantastic!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Brian Bradley

scan0027 by hockeyttmDate sent: June 29, 2012
Date received: September 13, 2012
Total time: 76 days
Total players responses: 537
Total 2012 responses: 140

A sweet autograph from Brain Bradley, shown here in a Vancouver Canucks uniform. He was originally drafted by the Calgary Flames, 51st overall, and played for a handful of teams, including the Lightning and Leafs. He retired after 10+ seasons due to injuries. Thanks for the autograph Brian!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Paul Kariya

scan0025 by hockeyttmDate sent: April 29, 2012
Date received: September 7, 2012
Total time: 131 days
Total players responses: 536
Total 2012 responses: 139

A sweet return from Paul Kariya! Paul is one of my favorite players to have played the game. He hails from Vancouver, BC which makes it pretty neat as he was once one of the elite players in the league. He signed this Upper Deck, MVP card, which in fact wasn't mine, but still happy for the autograph. Thanks Paul!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Clay Wilson

scan0024 by hockeyttmDate sent: April 29, 2012
Date received: May 9, 2012
Total time: 10 days
Total players responses: 535
Total 2012 responses: 138

Another undrafted player highlights today's blog post. Clay Wilson has never fully been able to maintain a level of play that NHL teams look for. At the age of 29, Clay has four NHL teams under his belt and a combined 36 NHL games. It appears as if Clay's career is over, but it's not unheard of players coming back to the NHL when they're older. Thanks Clay!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Greg Adams

scan0022 by hockeyttmDate sent: April 26, 2012
Date received: May 14, 2012
Total time: 18 days
Total players responses: 534
Total 2012 responses: 137

Another return, recieved back in 2012, from Greg Adams. Greg was a former Vancouver Canuck that went undrafted. He got his first big break with the Devils, where in his second season, he recorded 73 points. Later he was traded to Vancouver, along with Kirk Mclean for Patrick Sundstrom and a 4th round pick. Thanks for the auto Greg!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Al MacInnis

scan0021 by hockeyttmDate sent: August 24, 2012
Date received: September 12, 2012
Total time: 19 days
Total players responses: 533
Total 2012 responses: 136

A nice return from Al MacInnis, this one where he's donning the Red and White. Al MacInnis, definitely known for his powerful slapshot, regularly topping 100 miles/hr during the All Star games. I watched Mr.MacInnis back in the day, so I was ecstatic to receive a return from him. Thanks Al!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ron Francis

scan0020 by hockeyttmDate sent: February 26, 2012
Date received: September 13, 2012
Total time: 200 days
Total players responses: 532
Total 2012 responses: 135

A great return from one of the great players of the game, Ron Francis. Having had played 23 seasons in the NHL, Ron was able to win 2 Stanley Cups during his time with the Pittsburgh Penguins. He was a major contributor during the 1995-96 season where he amassed 119 points. Usually you'd think 119 would be sufficient to win the Art Ross trophy, except two other teammates (Lemieux and Jagr) and Joe Sakic had more points than him that season.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Richard Panik

scan0018 by hockeyttmDate sent: April 26, 2012
Date received: May 9, 2012
Total time: 13 days
Total players responses: 531
Total 2012 responses: 134

It's definitely been a while since my last update, and I should really try to update more often! This is great return from Richard Panik. He currently is playing in the AHL, on Tampa Bay's affiliate team as he was originally drafted by the Lightning. Thanks for the auto Richard!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bryan Little

scan0017 by hockeyttmDate sent: April 14, 2012
Date received: May 11, 2012
Total time: 27 days
Total players responses: 530
Total 2012 responses: 133

A great return from Bryan Little of the Winnipeg Jets. He was originally drafted by the Atlanta Thrashers, 12th overall in the 2006 draft. He was born in Edmonton, AB but eventually moved to Ontario as a young child. Bryan is one of the better, skilled players on the Jets and am happy to have his autograph as part of my collection.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ben Scrivens

scan0015 by hockeyttmDate sent: April 16, 2012
Date received: May 4, 2012
Total time: 18 days
Total players responses: 529
Total 2012 responses: 132

A quick 18 day turn around from Ben Scrivens, one half of the goaltending tandem in Toronto. He, alongside James Reimer will need to carry the workload until a deal gets done (perhaps with Roberto?). I'm super happy that he signed this card as this is my very first return from him. Thanks a lot Ben!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Alex Semin

scan0014 by hockeyttmDate sent: January 16, 2011
Date received: May 11, 2012
Total time: 481 days
Total players responses: 528
Total 2012 responses: 131

A fantastic return from Alexander Semin, formerly from the Washington Capitals, now with the Carolina Hurricanes. He will be there to add more offense to the lineup (and obviously of a more physical presence as well =P). I'm thankful for this auto from Alex, as it's my first time I've gotten his signature. Thanks Alex!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Andrew Ladd

scan0013 by hockeyttmDate sent: January 21, 2012
Date received: May 10, 2012
Total time: 110 days
Total players responses: 527
Total 2012 responses: 130

A great autograph from captain and former Stanley Cup winner Andrew Ladd. Andrew was originally drafted in 2004, by the Carolina Hurricanes, 4th overall. Andrew has certainly grown to become the leader he is today by being a part of winning organizations like Carolina and Chicago. Thanks for the fantastic autograph Andrew

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Damon Severson

scan0012 by hockeyttmDate sent: September 19, 2012
Date received: September 24, 2012
Total time: 5 days
Total players responses: 526
Total 2012 responses: 129

I got this neat Heros and Prospects autograph from Damon Severson of the Kelowna Rockets. This return came at probably one of the fastest I've ever received, 5 days! Damon is a well rounded defenseman, and was drafted by the New Jersey Devils in the 2nd round. I'm hoping that he'll pan out similar to fellow Rockets alumni, Shea Weber.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Richard Park

scan0011 by hockeyttmDate sent: February 26, 2012
Date received: May 4, 2012
Total time: 68 days
Total players responses: 525
Total 2012 responses: 128

A young, young picture of Richard Park. Richard currently a member on a Swiss team in Europe. Richard has been around the block many times, having played for Vancouver, Pittsburgh, Anaheim, Philadelphia, Minnesota and New York (Islanders). He graciously signed this rookie card of his while he was on the Penguins. Thanks for the auto Richard!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

James Wright

scan0010 by hockeyttmDate sent: June 22, 2011
Date received: December 6, 2011
Total time: 167 days
Total players responses: 524
Total 2012 responses: 127

A little slow on the updates, but I received James Wright, shown here with the Tampa Bay Lightning back in 2011. James was a Tampa Bay draft pick in the 2008 entry draft, selected 117th overall. Since then, he has been traded to the Florida Panthers and toiled in the AHL with the Norfolk Admirals and San Antonio Rampage. Best of luck James!