Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Paul Kariya

scan0025 by hockeyttmDate sent: April 29, 2012
Date received: September 7, 2012
Total time: 131 days
Total players responses: 536
Total 2012 responses: 139

A sweet return from Paul Kariya! Paul is one of my favorite players to have played the game. He hails from Vancouver, BC which makes it pretty neat as he was once one of the elite players in the league. He signed this Upper Deck, MVP card, which in fact wasn't mine, but still happy for the autograph. Thanks Paul!


  1. can you let me know where you sent to him? I have been looking to write to him for some time now. Thank you very much!

  2. can you let me know if we can possibly make a trade I collect alot and will trade alot as well

  3. Hi guys! Sorry, I don't recall the address, and I think this is the only Paul Kariya autograph I have. I'll let you guys know if I ever see where he returns from.