Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tomas Jurco

Date sent: September 26th, 2011
Date received: February 1st, 2012
Total time: 128 days
Total players responses: 405
Total 2012 responses: 8

Tomas Jurco is currently part of the Saint John Sea Dogs, and helped them win a championship, the Memorial Cup, in 2011.  He was also a 35th overall draft pick from the Detroit Red Wings.  Tomas will definitely be a key contributor to the Red Wings success in a few years, as he's only 19 years of age at the moment.  Thanks Tomas!


  1. i will pay for it he is my favorite player can you please sell it.

  2. can you link my blog www.roshockeyautos.blogspot.com

  3. Sorry, I don't sell any of the autographs I get, but if you send his card to the St.John Sea Dogs, he'll respond!