Monday, July 11, 2011

Guy Lafleur

Date sent: June 2nd, 2011
Date received: July 7th, 2011
Total time: 35 days
Total players responses: 268
Total 2011 responses: 263

Fantastic! Another Guy Lafleur autograph.  Guy continues to be one of the best and most consistent autograph signers out there!  The "Flower" won five Stanley Cups and was the 1st overall draft pick in the 1971 entry draft by the Montreal Canadiens.  Over a point a game player, he retired from the game in '84 and returned back in '88.  I'm super happy that he returned this to me!  Guy! Guy! Guy!


  1. Guy is always happy to sign! Glad you got it, looks great on that card.

  2. Made a custom and sent it to Lafleur a few weeks ago, I'll be happy if he returns it. Nice signature on a nice card of Lafleur.

  3. was wondering if you could give me his address, just started ttm. any help would be greatly appreciated